The Mayans weren’t totally wrong…

The Mayans weren't totally wrong...

OMG… didn’t expect this when I woke up this morning!!!

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To all my waiter peers (men and women) working their restaurant shifts this Easter Sunday 2012…

COUNTER CULTURE – The American Coffee Shop Waitress
by Candacy A. Taylor

“Career waitresses are rare. In, Waitress: America’s Unsung Heroines, Leon Elder and Lin Rolens write that one in five women has waitressed at some time in their lives, but only one in a hundred has what it takes to stay with the job. They walk, schlep, reach, lift, pour, clear, walk, wipe, socialize, prioritize, bend over, pick up, memorize tedious details, argue with the cook, and then walk some more. For the average worker, waitressing can be tough, but the career waitresses in this book are not average; they are a resilient group of hardworking women who have made an art out of waitressing. Not all career waitresses do the job well, nor are they saints, but in my experience the majority of them are professional caretakers and provide companionship to their community. They don’t perceive themselves as servants, and they have risen above the bitter, cranky complainers who are waiting for a “real” job to come along. Lifers take waitressing seriously. They care if your bacon is soggy or if your hash browns are overcooked. They care if you’re unhappy with your meal, because they understand how hard it is to eat when you’re angry. They warm the coffee cup for their special customers; they make sure there is a fresh pot of decaf, because they know it can be the first pot to get stale. For their diabetic customers, they remember to bring sugar-free syrup. They know if your kid just graduated from college or spent the night in jail. They know if your car is in the shop and the test results of your last medical check up. They share intimate stories about their lives and remember to ask about ailing family members. Their patience and love of people is genuine; it’s not something they can fake for tips, because saccharine sentiment is often transparent. They can almost always find a warm spot in their heart for strangers. It’s innate. Average, everyday servers aren’t in the same league as the waitresses in this book. These women are the cream of the crop.”

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“Visiting The Homelands Of 10 Famous Cocktails”

Visiting The Homelands Of 10 Famous Cocktails

Great article with photos about the history of common cocktails. Very useful for tableside engagement with your customers. (Huffington Post 12/11/2011

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Starting a 10-day vacation with no particular plans. Did run a quick contest on WaitersWorld Facebook page and Gwen from Tacoma, WA won! I’ll be traveling up north to dine in her station and interview her about her career in the restaurant industry as a professional waiter!

Down side for today…  I do tire of peers who blame their lot in life on their jobs. Staying in the business is a choice.

There… I feel better now.


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July 4th 2011

Four days off and had a great time with grandson, Izea. Fishing at Mt Hood and his first trip to Timberline Lodge… lots of snow!

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Spring has sprung….

Plan to get busier here now that I have a better and broader understanding of how to integrate (or base) blogging as part of my social media presence…

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New Years Eve 2011

Worked a double today at Oswego Grill ( ) I am so fortunate to be surrounded with so many guests and peers who make my life’s routine so interesting! It has been a good year of review and reinvention. So many exciting changes and new opportunities. I am fortunate. 2011 has even greater adventures ahead!

One way or another, we all serve others…

“All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.”
Dr. Martin Luther King


Happy New Year Everyone!

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Launch Day… WaitersWorld Blog

Been waiting to start this FOREVER!

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